Here's some GMC related odds and ends I came across. I'll add more as I run onto em.


Anhauser Busch GMC pictures from Andy Miller

Boyd Mooney's unusual GMC

Don Robert's Master Track System

Front End Alignment (I think this is by the late C.O.Richards of Ballenger, Texas)

Rear Wheel Alignment (??C.O.Richards)

Centering Steering Wheel by C.O..Richards

Air Conditioning "Separating Hot from Cold" by Zay Brand.

DuraCool in GMCs  Emery Stora

Onan Control Board Operation by Duane M Simmons

Onan PCB Voltage & Parts Qik Ref. Guide   by Mike Kordas

Grease Zerks on your GMC   from the GMC Maintenance Manual

A & E Awning Installation

Thomas 317 Compressor/Vac Pump Schematic by Dave Mumert

Tom Warner's Front Wheel Bearing Puller Project

Battery Tray (Bob Burkett) and 12 volt schematic (Scott Shean) Courtesy of Terry Skinner

Frank Jenkins GMC Accessories

Onan Electronic Ignition Upgrade by Chuck Aulgur

GMC OEM Tire Recall Courtesy of Emery Stora

Floor Plans

Air Suspension Systems by Duane M. Simmons

What Every GMC Owner Should Know by Duane M. Simmons

Bathroom Water Pump Switch by Bob Sullivan

Macerator Installation by Billy Massey

Alex Birch Screen Door

GMC Dimensional Drawings

Rear Disk Brake Mounting Bracket Drawing Thanks to Terry Skinner

Original Solaire Furnace Owner's Manual

Onan Generator Maintenance and Operator's Manual
 Please Right click on this link. Choose "Save Target As" from the menu and save it to your hard drive. This file is nearly 3mb and will take a while to load from the web site but will load very quickly from your own drive.   Thanks

Electro-Level Manual - Please save this to your hard drive. It's about 3mb.

? Mystery GMC Front End

KEAN Radio Coach in Abilene

Club Name Tags

Dana Compressor Valve Modification  Thanks to Frank Folkman for this

Gas Struts for your generator and propane doors

New DeLorme Map n Go Package (5-2001) and HERE   Thanks to Olin Boyer

REMCO Towing Brochure (2001) Thanks to John Szalay

Wiring Diagrams

GMC Selector   (2.3mb pdf)  Thanks to Dave Greenberg

GMC Decal Reproductions   Thanks to Scott Shean

Duo-Therm Roof Air Installation and Operation   (.9mb pdf)  Thanks to Emery Stora

Duo-Therm Roof Air Heat Strip Installation  (50kb pdf)  Emery Stora

Duo-Therm Roof Air Quick Start Kit  (.5mb pdf)  Emery Stora

Duo-Therm Roof Air Trouble Shooting Guide  (.5mb pdf)  Emery Stora

MorFlo Water Heater   (.7mb pdf)  Emery Stora

SureFlo Tri-A-Fram Water Pump  (1mb pdf)  Emery Stora

Thomas Built-In Vacuum System Parts and Installation  (1.6mb pdf) Emery Stora

Water System Care Booklet   (3.1mb pdf) Emery Stora

Electra Magic Toilet Manual  (1.9mb pdf)  Thanks to Gary Rockwell

GMC Service Publications List  (1.4mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Brochure  (1.3mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Flyer  (.5mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

Another ThermaSan Flyer  (.8mb pdf)  Flyer  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Owner's Manual  (.5mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Probe Installation  (.4mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Installation Manual  (.6mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

ThermaSan Operators Manual  (..3mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

GMC Pre-Travel Checklist  (.1mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

Duo-Therm 65900 Series Furnace Install and Owner's Manual   (1mb pdf)  Bill Brown

Moen Kitchen Faucet Install and Repair  (.3mb pdf)  Bill Brown

Thetford Toilet Installation   (.1mb pdf)  Emery Stora

A-Arm Bushing Removal  by Mike Kordas

Rear Jacking Aid  by Charles Wersal

AirBag Catalog Scans  by John Szalay

Quadrajet Carburetors   (.7 pdf) Thanks to Bob Drewes

Olds Engines Specifications (.18 pdf) Thanks to Emery Stora and Dick Patterson

A 4 Wheel GMC !   Terry Dunworth

Clasco A/C Conversion   (.75mb pdf) Thanks to Chuck Blanford

1977 GMC Warranty Card   (.5mb pdfChuck Blanford

Front Hub Grease Zerk Drawing by Alex Birch   Thanks Gary Kosier

ElectroLevel Schematic by Alex Birch  (Gary Kosier)

PowerLevel Schematic by Alex Birch  (Gary Kosier)

Rear Wheel Lifting Bar by Alex Birch  (Gary Kosier)

Torque Wrench Adapter Corrections  Thanks to Jim Mills

Some Great Articles on Transmissions

Charles Dille's Unique Screen Door and Engine Driven Air Compressor

Naylor   -   Early GMC Wannabe?   Thanks Charles Wood

Some Useful Schematics for the GMC Motorhome by Edgar Kremer

An Onan Snorkel for keeping the fumes and noise away from your neighbors. Thanks to Dick Missett for this contribution

Jim Walker's Door Handle Lever   Thanks Charles Wersal for submitting this

Steve Clevenger's A/C Recirculation Modification   Thanks Charles Wersal and Steve Clevenger

Hehr Windows Service Instructions    Thanks to Bruce Tara

Front Wheel Seal Installation Tool   Thanks to John Szalay

Hayden Fan Clutches   John Szalay

Propane POP Fitting  and OPD Valve    Emery Stora

Tee Latch Removal Tool   Bruce Tara

Thrust Bearing Problem Documents   Eugene Fisher

CorrecTrack Responce to Questions   Steve Canyon

Rear Bed Lifts   Bruce Tara

Folding Original Dinette Table by Bob Fry and Page 2   submitted by Emery Stora

Bogie Greasing Tool     by Dick Serren

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedures by Paul Bartz (900kb pdf)

Eldorado Brakes Upgrade Spreadsheet   by Ken Henderson

Brakes Upgrade Spreadsheet converted to PDF for those without Excel

Fraction Conversion Table   by Bruce Tara

Bill Hubler's 6.5 Diesel Engine in a GMC    Thanks to Emery Stora

Final Drive Cover Gasket    Thanks to Denny Allen

The Lawhorn's GMC Wreck Photo (They walked away!) Dave Greenberg

Quadrajet Power Valve Spring Installation Procedure by Mike Miller

Refrigeration in the GMC by Rob Allen

Shooter Jennings use of a GMC in a music video   Thanks to Jim Hall

Bushes Baked Beans Advertisement using a GMC Motorhome

Ken Thoma Front Wheel Bearing R&R Video (200mb) Thanks to Bob McKechnie and Larry Conley

GMC Power Level Air Suspension Systems   Thanks to Rob Allen

Ammeters and Voltmeters for GMCs   Thanks to Ken Henderson

Ammeter/Voltmeter Installation Options Diagram   Thanks to Ken Henderson

Brake Tests by Ken Kenderson

Rear Wheel Alignment Jig by Darcy Moses (Thanks to Ken Henderson)

Quadrajets in GMCs by Bob Drewes

Tire Manufacturer Codes (Excel Spreadsheet) Thanks to Toby Maki
More Tire Manufacturer recent Codes (Thanks to Dave Mumert)
Also, click HERE for a searchable online database

THE RV BATTERY CHARGING PUZZLE by "Handy" Bob Shearer (Thanks to Dan Gregg)     

TZE Bearing Tool Manual by Darren Paget

Floor Covering Installation Tips by Mike Teets

Vacuum Gauge Troubleshooting

Domino Sugar Packet Box   Thanks to John Szalay

Rear Overhead Cabinet Plans   by Ray Alden

Isolation Pad Replacement   by John Shotwell

Wireless Communications by Jack Mayer

Modern AC Compressor Replacement by Ken Henderson

Front Suspension Comparison by Jim Roundtree

One Ton Front Suspension Conversion by Stan Edwards

Twin Bed 26-3 Alternative by Forest Crow

Making Life Easier in My GMC

Steering Shaft Alignment Discussion with Espen Heitmann & Alex Ferrara (Facebook Link)

Two Very Rare Royale Floorplan GMCs

Feeding the Barbarian (Dual Fuel Propane/Gasoline) by Jerry Work

FiTech is the Real Deal! (FiTech EFI) by Jerry Work

Do Alska onYour Own by Jerry Work

Quadrajet_7043252_to_GMC_Motorhome_7043254_Conversion by Espen Heitmann

Electro-Level II Modification

SMC Repair by Tom McManus

HVAC Dash Controls by John Watkins

HEI (High Energy Ignition)

CruiseMaster Cruise Control Systems