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All GMCers, at one time or another, need a particular part that is hard to find. Didn't you ever wish there was a clearinghouse of GMC parts that you could use to find it? THIS IS IT!

Lots of GMCers have gathered up parts and tools over the years at rallies, swap meets, and such. We now find ourselves covered up with too many parts that we don't have room for, don't need or ever intend to use. There must be another GMCer that really needs that part or tool. Wouldn't it be nice to have a central place to let others know about your extras? THIS IS IT!


The Facebook Revolution

Join the CLASSIC GMC MOTORHOMES Group to see the latest photos, stories, and inquiries by the NEWest members of our cult. It's the newest best place for needed information.
Experienced and knowledgable GMCers are always in demand and welcome to help educate the next generation of our passion's caretakers.

Looking for a GMC or wish to find another owner for your GMC? There's lots of interested traffic at THE GMC MOTORHOME MARKETPLACE. List or browse for the GMC of your dreams or buy and sell related parts and supplies.


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The Black List
Black List Home Page

Roger Black's indespensible list of folks willing to help in case of trouble on your trip.
Download a current copy Here
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Look in on the GMCnet

Nothing required to just lurk. Great for gathering needed information.
To take part in discussions or ask questions, you'll have to be registered HERE.
There are over 400 GMC Motorhome enthusiasts on the list and they're the most helpful folks you'll ever hope to meet.

GMCnet Forum Mirror



The GMC Motorhome
Photo Archive

A dedicated place for all your GMC pictures


GMC Parts Interchange
Online Parts Numbers
Cross Reference




Information Search

To give curious folks a starting place to learn more about our Motorhomes, display one of these decals on your GMC.

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Read and contribute to the



Keep track of General Motor's
The GMnext WIKI


The GMC Motorhome Registry

Be sure that you're a part of your GMC's pedigree.
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Terry Skinner's Guide to GMC Motorhome Jargon

GMC Bearing Tool Loaner Program

Torsion Bar Unloader Loaner Program

GMC Parts and Accessories Suppliers

Service Provider Recommendations List
Comments and recommendations from fellow GMCers about facilities they have used.  Submit additional entries or comments for the list HERE.

My personal GMC FAQ
Trial FAQ

GMC Motorhome Marketplace Index

Lots of GMC Odds n Ends

Manuals - All kinds of manuals that pertain to our GMCs

Find your own GMC Motorhome with my GMC Search Page

Enjoy these original GMC Brochures and Magazine Advertisements

3D Printer files for GMC Motorhome Parts

Videos and Recordings

GMC Songs

The most extensive collection of GMC Motorhome information and links on the web:
Eugene Fisher's GMC Information Site

Would you want 300+ GMC experts of all experience levels sitting around your shop with all of their reference materials contemplating your latest problem? You don't have to! They're right here at your keyboard!        Join the GMCnet email listserve

Patrick Flowers' GMC

Download the early GMCnet Archives (62mb zip file 9/97 thru 4/04)

GMCnet web based Forum Mirror

Search GMCnet archives back to August 2007

The Great Possum GMC Rescue of 2011


 Try out the Interactive GMC Portal

and     GMCtechNET

Richard Groves' GMCMH Parts Cross Reference

GMC Motorhome Clubs

 GMC Classics  GMC Western States
 GMC Sunshine Statesmen  GMC Motorhomes Int'l
 GMC Mountainaires  GMC Cascaders
 GMC Saguaro Jetset  GMC Pacific Cruisers
 GMC East  GMC Heritage Cruisers
GMC Dixielanders GMC Great Lakers
GMC 49ers GMC Greater Midwest Classics
GMC Six Wheelers GMC Tidewater Crabs
GMC Colonial Travelers GMC Nor'Easters

Personal GMC Motorhome Sites

Maggie Jay & Damien Williams Blog, Shaun Raymond's Epic Road Trip, Lance Stephenson's on Instructibles, Justin Brady's Blog, Jon Roche's Blog, Chris Reek's Blog , Mark Palermo, Kaitlin & Echo, Dirtpatch & Boo,

Wally Anderson's Blog

Jim Millers '77 Eleganza

Sean Fulmer's YouTube Video Playlist

Alex Birch - Namesake for the Birchaven

Armand Minnie GMC Blog

Golden Gate GMCers

A Nice Frame Off Resto

Kevin Webb's Blog

Dan and Teri Gregg's Blog

Dan Winchester's GMC Page

Mike Teets' '77 Palm Beach Resurection

Richard Water's '76 Palm Beach Restoration

Heinz Wittenbecker's My GMC Classic

Lionel Vargas' (LowGlide) '73 Canyon Lands Restoration

Henry Davis' GMC Page

Dallas Jensen's 'Me and My Shadow'

Jim Bounds Videos

Jim's Patreon Page

YouTube Tutorials

The Daily Pose
Lots of GMCers start out their day here

Videos by Jim Bounds at the GMC Coop in Orlando, Florida